Steering committee member

Dr. Dilrabo Tosheva specialises in the built environments of Central Asia and is interested in how architectural histories can reveal broad historical configurations. She recently received her PhD from the University of Queensland, Australia and her dissertation was entitled:  Making the Islamic Façade: Transformation in the Funerary Structures of Central Asia in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries for examination. From summer 2023, she will be a postdoctoral researcher at Yale University, where she will be affiliated with Council of East Asian Studies and work on turning my dissertation into a book manuscript, tentatively titled 'En Route to the Taj Mahal: Transformation of Architecture and Royal Identity under the Qarakhanids in Pre-Mongol Central Asia'. She will also hold a secondary lecturer appointment with the Art History Department and teach one undergrad seminar, Introduction to Central Asian Art and Architecture.

Research Interests

Architectural History of Central Asia and Islamic world, cultural anthropology, heritage preservation, Medieval Studies, transformation of the built environments, archaeology of Central Asia


Tosheva, Dilrabo. Review of “Medieval Monuments of Central Asia: Qarakhanid Architecture of the 11th and 12th Centuries” by Richard Piran McClary. Central Asian Survey 40, no. 2 (2021): 288-90.DOI: 10.1080/02634937.2020.1854969

Tosheva, Dilrabo. “Women in the Architecture of Uzbekistan.” In The Bloomsbury Global Encyclopedia of Women in Architecture, edited by Lori Brown and Karen Burns, (eds.) 2021. [Invited entry, under peer review].

Tosheva, Dilrabo. “Problems in the Study of Genesis: The Foundations of the Sogdian-centric Claims in the Historiography of the Islamic Architecture of Central Asia.” In O’rta Osiyo Arkheologiyasi Kafedrasi: Avlodlar Izlanishi Va Kashfiyotlari, edited by A. C. Sagdullayev, 194-201. Tashkent: NUU, 2020.