Steering committee member

Aiya Raissova is a bioanthropologist and PhD student at Durham University. She completed her MSc in Osteoarchaeology from Sheffield University's Department of Archaeology. Her current PhD research focuses on early nomadic populations from Kazakhstan, utilising multiple lines of bioarchaeological evidence to gain a comprehensive understanding of the study region. Raissova aims to create 3D models of human bones using photogrammetry, which can contribute to the educational process at the university and serve as valuable illustrative materials for institutions without access to actual osteological materials. By engaging university students and museum visitors, these models contribute to raising awareness of the past in society and enhancing the appreciation of osteological collections.

Research Interests

- Iron Age archaeology of the Eurasian Steppe
- Bioanthropology
- Zooarchaeology
- Geometric Morphometry/Photogrammetry