Research Fellowship "Global Archaeology, Sustainable Archaeology and the Archaeology of Sustainability

Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Research Fellowship

Under this topic the German Archaeological Institute offers several short-term fellowships for young scholars. With these fellowships, we also want to specifically support at-risk colleagues from Ukraine to conduct research at one of the DAI sites in Germany or abroad, and we expressly welcome their applications.

Questions related to the field of comparative global archaeology represent a major element of DAI’s research themes. However, “global archaeology” is also interpreted in the sense of how archaeological research is conducted in a globalized world. The connected topic of “sustainable archaeology” encompasses a variety of aspects associated with this theme, such as (and not limited to) community archaeology, public engagement or postcolonial studies. Related to this, the DAI is also interested in “archaeology of sustainability”, i.e., investigating how past cultures sought sustainable solutions or how they reflected upon the sustainability of their actions and practices.

Applications may be submitted no later than 29.04.2022.

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